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In 1923 Legacy made a promise to help families after the loss or injury of a loved one in military service. To this day, we still ensure these families always have someone to turn to for support.

There are so many ways you can help the promise live on. Whether you host a fundraising event, make a donation, or join Legacy as a volunteer your support will have a real impact on the families of our fallen and injured veterans.

Before reading about ways to support Legacy, please read Candy’s story to find out more about how Legacy help to look after our veterans’ families.

Candy’s Story

Dad was my hero.  He didn’t have much, but he worked two or three jobs to make ends meet and give me as good a life as possible

Candy is the proud daughter of a Vietnam veteran. She’s also one of the most resilient young women you will ever meet.

While she downplays the trauma of her childhood, the facts speak volumes. A mother struggling with mental illness since Candy was born. Raised for the first three years in a poor village in Thailand. Then at age seven, the ultimate devastation: her father – her hero – died in his sleep. And it was Candy who found him.

Candy was taken in by family members, and she would never see her mother again.

It wasn’t until late 2014 that Legacy learned of Candy’s circumstances. When we did, we took swift action to give Candy as much support as possible.

When we first met her, Candy was a university student struggling to make ends meet. The pressure of juggling part time work with her heavy academic workload threatened to derail her studies.

Candy has no doubt that Legacy’s support has been life-changing. As she puts it: “If Legacy had not stepped in, I would have really struggled with University, and with my anxiety.”

“The financial aid and the incredible emotional support I have received from Legacy over the past four plus years: it’s been life-changing. It really has.”

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Whether you make a tax-deductible donation, host a fundraising event or join the Legacy team, your compassion will touch the lives of people like Candy and honour the sacrifice of their loved ones who served our nation.


Legacy has been there for the families of our fallen and injured veterans for almost a century but we need your help today to ensure that the promise lives on for veterans’ children, like Candy.

Without your support, we cannot continue to provide emotional and financial support to the families of our fallen or injured veterans.

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From BBQs to morning teas, there are many ways you can raise funds to support the families of our fallen and injured veterans. Whatever your fundraising event to Keep the Promise, Legacy will be there to support you with resources and fundraising ideas.

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It would not be possible for Legacy to support the widows, widowers and families across Australia without the help of over 6000 specially trained volunteers called Legatees.

Historically, Legatees were returned servicemen; today, Legacy welcomes volunteer enquiries from people from all walks of life.

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In 1923 Legacy made a promise to help families carry on with their lives after the loss or injury of a loved one in military service. It was a simple promise that Legacy keeps today; providing the same stability, guidance and assistance that a partner would normally provide to his or her family.

Today, we support the families of over 60,000 veterans. But this number continues to grow, with many Australian servicemen and women having returned from active service in the Middle East and on peacekeeping missions around the world.

Since the Legacy promise was made by a soldier to his dying mate in the trenches of WW1 “To look after the missus and the kids” Legacy has supported Australian Defence Force families in times of great need.

We need your help to ensure the promise lives on for Australians like Candy.

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From BBQs to morning teas, there are so many ways to support the families of our fallen and injured veterans– sign up here to access resources, plus fundraising support and help.